Hotel Information


Hotel Orchid or Orchid Adventure Day Tours, is situated in a quiet side street of Lakeside – the most famous tourist area of Pokhara, and it is 3-minute walk (110m) from its main street. Its convenient location allows those loving calm atmosphere to enjoy quiet surroundings and still have bars, restaurants and shops of Lakeside within 3-minute walking distance.

What’s included

Room price includes:
breakfast (choice of 4 different sets or Buffet), which you can eat 6:30 am to 10:00 am
WiFi on the hotel grounds, including the rooms
daily room cleaning
24-hour business center facilities
access to the roof-top garden, Panoramic view of snow capped Annapurna range (Dhawagiri to Manaslu).


To ensure safety, every room is fitted with the smoke detector, every floor is equipped with a fire extinguisher and the hotel guard is on 24/7.
Every room has a safe.
We will appreciate your cooperation in making your stay comfortable:
Please carry with you our hotel guest card which has the directions and the hotline number for urgent calls. The hotel cards are available from the hotel reception or in the info-box in your room.
Please close the room and bathroom windows as you leave the room.

Guest Admission

Guest admission hours are from 7 in the morning till midnight (other than the guests staying at the hotel).
Unregistered guest are not allowed to stay with other guest.

No Smoking

Hotel orchid operates strict smoke-free policy and welcomes guests that give preference to healthy lifestyle. Every room in the hotel is equipped with sensitive smoke detectors. Making no exceptions, even for most extra-ordinary individuals, we are very serious at pursuing this policy and we will not hesitate to intrude into privacy of our guests if they attempt to ignore it.

On first violation of smoke-free rule the offender is given a warning and fined 100 USD. The fine amount is derived from expenses for removing unpleasant odor of tobacco smoke from the room. Tobacco odor removal procedure includes thorough cleansing of leather and wood used for room decoration, and replacement of articles that are impossible to clean.

In case of repeated violation the offender will have to depart without a refund. We sincerely apologize for these drastic measures that we, nevertheless, find completely warranted by maximum comfort of our guests.

Noise-Proof Environment

We have done our best to make your stay at our hotel comfortable – the rooms are located so as to minimize the chance of noises coming from adjacent rooms. Luxury rooms are also available for your extra comfort.

We need your cooperation to maintain low noise level:

avoid making sharp or loud sounds on the hotel staircases or in the corridors, including when closing the door;
keep quiet while in our Reception and avoid loud sounds, especially after 10 PM.

Property Damage

In case the hotel property is damaged, you will be expected to reimburse according to the hotel rates.


No pets are allowed.